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Kimchee Spice Peanuts (V/GF) 5


Mushroom Stuffed Mushroom (V/ GF) 6


Japanese Cucumber, Black Beluga Lentil Salad (V/GF) 8


Spicy Wok’d Edamame, T Spice, Sesame (V/GF) 8


Apple Lentil Salad (V/GF) 8


Red Quinoa, Corn Tortillas, Avocado Butter (V/GF) 8


Burdock, Potato, Croquettes, Watercress, Ban Banji Sauce (V) 9


Yuka Steak Fries, Mango, Apple Sauce (V/GF) 5


Lotus Root Gyoza , Spicy Chili Oil (V) 9


Wok’d Eringi Mushrooms, Cilantro Rice (V) 5


Charred Rosemary Brussels Sprouts (V/GF) 14


Massage Kale Salad, Portobello, Agave Walnuts (V/GF) 12


Organic Cauliflower “Wings” Celery, Ranch (V/GF) 8


Shishito Peppers, Wok”d, Ginger Sauce (V) 9


Vegan Spam Musubi (V) 7


Quinoa salad, Crispy Lettuce, Raw Vegetable Dressing (V/GF) 13


Philly Portobello Cheese “Steak”, Cheddar Cheese, French Baguette (V) 12


Grilled Vegetables, Bibb, Spinach, Avocado, Vegan Cheddar Wrap (V) 12


Wok’d Ginger Soy Vegetables, Bibb Lettuce Wraps (V) 12


Vegetable Bulgogi (V) 14


Bento Box Special  (3 eats &  Desert + 1 Drink )  (V) 20




Dr Js Original


Dr J’s Tangy Vegan Burger, Carrot Fries (V/GF) 10


Dr J’s Mother Earth Bowl, Garden Vegetables, Tofu, Brown Rice (V/GF) 10


Dr J’s Meat Lovers Bowl, Kale, Onions, Chili Flakes, Brown Rice (V) 10


Dr J’s Grilled Tofu Bowl, Cauliflower, Squash, Carrots, Brown Rice (V/GF) 10


Dr J’s Curry Potato bowl, Rice Noodle (V/GF) 10


Dr J’s Santa Fe Bowl, Garden Vegetable, Chill Flakes, Brown Rice (V) 10






V = Vegan, GF = Gluten Free


Our goal is to use the freshest, most vibrant ingredients locally sourced, from our organic farms. Treat the products with respect, keep it pure and simple and have fun. The menu is created daily, products change on availability.


Peace and Love!!           Mika Matsui – Chef






Carob Brownies 4.25 (V/GF)


Supersnack 3.25 (V/GF)


Cookies: Lemon Almond or Carob Chips 4 (V/GF)


Muffin: Pumpkin Carob, Carrot Power, or Banana Nut 3.5 (V/GF)


Coconut Macaroon Bar 3.75 (V/GF)


Coconut Date Scone 3.75 (V/GF)


Tofu Cheesecake: Lemon or Mango 5 (V/GF)


Flourless Cakes: Red Bean Brownie or Chickpea Blondie 5 (V/GF)





Fresh Startcarrot, apple, ginger, lemon   6.5


Green Energizer bok choy, spinach, avocado, banana   6.5


Skin Beautifier carrot, apple, celery, cucumber   6.5


Vitality Rejuvenator  kale, spinach, bok choy, cucumber, lemon  7


Original Lemonade   3


Kale Lemonade  5


Ginger Lemonade 4.5


Apple Lemonade  4


Cold Pressed Fresh Juices (Made Daily!) Bottle 5





(made with your choice of coconut, almond or soy milk)


Original Banana  banana   6


Creamy Carob  ginger, banana 7


Almond Butter Bliss organic almond butter, agave, banana   7.5


Sweet Greens  kale, spinach, banana   7


Carrot Ginger Soother  carrot, ginger, banana   7



Cleansing Teas


Cleansing –Balancing Tea  original Dr. J’s recipe 3


Rose Refreshfragrant petals 5


Winter Mintrefreshing, calming 4


Chamomile Soothe relaxing, floral with hint of cinnamon 4


Light Chrysanthemum soothing and mellow, sweet finish 4


Ginger Spice  immune boosting and energizing w/ spice4


Jasmine Peace strengthening, calming, delicately floral 4


100% Organic Colombian Coffee 3.5


V = Vegan, GF = Gluten Free

 We offer free curbside pickup.   We deliver in downtown Los Angeles for a $2 charge between the hours of 11:00AM to 3:00PM daily.   Call 213-537-0905 or order online. 


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We cater and deliver full healthy vegan meals and beverages throughout Los Angeles.  $2 delivery in downtown LA.  All other areas 10% service charge.  For more information please call direct 213-537-0905.   Please order 24 hours in advance for catering.      

Contact us

Find us at 334 S. Main Street Suite # 1101, Los Angeles, CA 90013


Hours: 11am to 8:30pm Monday-Saturday (Last order at 8:00 pm)

Or send us a hello:  contact (at)


Validated Parking Available

$3 for 90 minutes with validation. Covered parking garage located on 4th street between Main and Los Angeles, just East of the cafe.

Driving East on 4th street, the garage will be on your left hand side.

From the elevators, our cafe is on the G2 (Ground) level across from the giant Lotus flower!


Our Story

Dr. Juliet Tien grew up on a farm in the old countryside of Taiwan. As a child, she was overweight and suffered from a severe case of yeast and parasitic infections. The village medicine doctor volunteered to raise her and teach her ancient herbology, which ended up saving her life. Driven by a desire to be healthy and to shed her nickname of “little pig,” she studied what healthy people ate and began to cook for the family – only using healthy ingredients. Lucky for us, her family had very picky palates!  

Her recipes and philosophy evolved over her lifetime. After decades of treating thousands of clients with her holistic philosophy, herbal programs and nutritional diets, she is ready to share her philosophy globally – through food!


A major turning point of this universal mission occurred in 2012, when her son was diagnosed with debilitating rheumatoid arthritis. Charles Tien was faced with the choice of trading in his active lifestyle with one that would see him dependent on immune system-suppressing drugs, steroids, and painkillers. Instead, Dr. J convinced him to try “the Dr. J way” 100% for 30 days. Charles has been in full remission and symptom free since August of 2012. This drove his passion to help his mother fulfill the mission of bringing her health philosophy to the world.


At Vibrant Cafe, every bowl, every plate and every drink is put together for a purpose and with one of the most important parts of your life in mind– your health.  Our focus is on organic, locally grown ingredients, combining principles of macrobiotic and Ayurvedic cooking with an Asian flair.

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hiringAt Dr.J’s, we are always on the hunt for talented vibrant people to join our family.

Please send resume to

  • Food prep and line cook full time and part time:

    • - Must have knife skills
    • - Must be able to follow directions to a tee and learn our techniques quickly
    • - Work the wok line (for line cooks), sandwich and salad prep, food prep
    • - Maintain the cleaning schedule and uphold the utmost in cleaning standards
    • - Able to work and thrive in a fast paced environment – not for you if you get angry during a rush
    • - Health consciousness with desire to be fit a plus
    • - Wok experience a plus (for line cooks)
    • - Must be able to work a flexible schedule – including some split shifts
    • - Must have access to reliable transportation (able to get to work by 5:00 am and/or stay until 10:30 pm)
    • - 1-2 years experience a plus

    Nothing perfect for you? Well then, you can always shoot us an email at contact@drjsvibrantcafe and tell us how fantastic you are!